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VINTAGES PRODUCED: 2015  2016  2018  2019

A wine made "by subtracting", trying to enhance the grape variety and the extraordinary characteristics of Matelica terroir. The result is a Verdicchio endowed with an immediate, authentic and sincere expressiveness.


"Érgon" means "work", "action" and comes from Greek "energeia". It is obtained through an accurate selection in the well-exposed vineyards from 100% Verdicchio grapes and indigenous yeasts.


Verdicchio Di Matelica Doc



Located in the heart of the winery, it is a 20-years-old vineyard covering almost 8 hectares at an average altitude of 350 meters above sea-level.

The vineyard is mainly composed by the native Verdicchio and varieties such as Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Lacrima. Soils are mainly clay-calcareous.

Vino verdicchio Matelica bio cantina degustazione marche civitanova italia rosso bianco
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