The deep knowledge of our terroir, careful observation over the years of the property vineyards based in Matelica, exposures and microclimate have allowed us to select the best vineyards to dedicate to the production of these wines. To us, Réwine means “to come back”, to return to the roots and, at the same time, to send back to a new beginning. Natural Viniculture means to considerably reduce any use of chemical synthesis in the vineyard, but also to avoid the use of stabilizers in the cellar. Through this production method we aim to preserve human capacity and identity of our area, providing the maximum value of tradition in the production process.


We aim for maintaining the fertility of the earth, to make plants healthy and being able to resist and defend themselves against diseases and parasites, allowing us to produce high quality wines. This kind of production requires a lot of attention and care for the soil, in which we try to reactivate life so that the substances present in the ground can be assimilated by plants in the necessary measure. Soil fertility is achieved especially through long-term rotations: the green manure represents the most appropriate technique for improving fertility because it promotes biodiversity, creating a good balance in the vineyards and representing an help from the phytosanitary point of view. Producing a natural wine means making and conserving it with much more attention and experience than for conventional wines, accepting even imperfection of color, clearness and the possible presence of natural sediments in the bottom.


In the glass you will find the authenticity and guarantee of tasting the highest expression of terroir and grape variety: all obtained through a minimal intervention in the cellar.